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I opened for comedian Margaret Cho. Dolly Parton sang a duet with me. I was Chuck E. Cheese.

More on those stories in a moment...but we start with my resume. We'll keep this short because that Margaret Cho story is good.

Reggie Aqui is an anchor for ABC7 Mornings. He came to the station in October 2015 after anchoring at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that, he worked for CNN in Atlanta as an anchor for the network's streaming news service, Live and as a freelance anchor for CNN International. At, he anchored CNN/Facebook coverage of President Obama's inauguration, at the time the most viewed streaming event. He also extensively covered the 'Arab Spring' uprising and the Japanese Tsunami disaster on CNN International. On CNN U.S. he reported from Virginia Tech's campus after the nation's deadliest school shooting and traveled to breaking news across the country from wildfires in California to record snowfalls in upstate New York. He began his career in Green Bay, Wisconsin at WLUK, followed by WDJT in Milwaukee and KHOU in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Okay, back to Margaret Cho. I took a stand-up comedy class that ended with a show in front of family and friends. When I walked in the door, Margaret Cho was there. I was stunned and told her I was about to do my graduation set and she said, "Oh, I know. I'm going to perform right after you." She took pity on me and laughed at my jokes. It was the best $5 cover my friends ever spent.

Dolly Parton remains the favorite interview of my career. She surprised me live on with a proposal to sing a duet. We sang 'Islands in The Stream' and I will never do anything cooler in my whole life.

Finally... a 6'4 mouse? I saved up for college by working at Chuck E. Cheese in high school. Mostly I did birthday party hosting but sometimes they would need me to wear the costume. It's as awkward as it sounds.

If this news thing doesn't work out I still know all the words to Chuck E.'s birthday song. Okay, back to business.

Reggie Aqui lives in San Francisco with his husband Phil and their beagle-mix, Woodstock. He is obsessed with Disney theme parks and is finally okay admitting it now that he works for a station owned by the Walt Disney Company.

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