What can you do Memorial Day weekend? We break down what's allowed and what's not amid coronavirus crisis

ByAlix Martichoux KGO logo
Saturday, May 23, 2020
Memorial Day weekend guidelines
What you can and can't do outdoors on Memorial Day weekend.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Rolling into this holiday weekend, we all need a break. Not to mention, it's going to be a warm one in the Bay Area. So what can you do to enjoy the weather?

We're breaking down what's allowed and what's not during shelter-in-place orders on Memorial Day Weekend.

What's allowed:

Take a hike: Hiking is allowed, as long as the trail you're going to is open. Here are a few trails and walking paths that are wide, and easier to social distance on. That being said, the weather is going to be nice and just like you, everyone else also wants to get outside. So avoid popular hiking areas during peak times so we don't get shamed by the governor for overcrowding open spaces. And make sure you check with your local park district to see which trails are open before you head out; this interactive map from One Tam shows which parks and open spaces are open in Marin, for example.

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Social distance picnic: As long as the park is open, you're allowed to have a picnic with members of your household. (Or alone if you just need a break from the aforementioned members of your household.) If you live in San Francisco, you can even have your picnic amid the crop circles in Dolores Park, Little Marina Green, Washington Square or Jackson Playground.

Shop local: Curbside retail pickup is now allowed in all nine Bay Area counties. If you're in need of a new book, toy or home furnishing, consider buying from a local store that may be struggling after weeks of shutdown. And if you're not sure how it works, we have you covered. Here's a look at how it went at four different stores.

Dining in restaurants (kinda): Napa County became the first Bay Area county to allow restaurants to host people for dine-in table service. We tested it out to see how it works.

Weirdly specific outdoor activities: Why not try some soft martial arts this weekend? Canoeing, crabbing and trampolining are also allowed in this weirdly specific list of permitted outdoor activities released by the state of California. Check out the full list for inspiration.

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Social distance celebrations: Car parades are allowed again if you want to celebrate a local graduate while blasting the air conditioning in your car.

What's not:

Barbecuing with friends: You can fire up the grill (at your house) and flip some burgers (for members of your household only), but barbecuing in the park or with friends is off limits. Solo meat eating and drinking alone are always allowed though.

Vacation in Tahoe: Unless you own a second home in South Lake Tahoe - lucky you - expect to be hit with a $1,000 fine for visiting. Only homeowners get to bask in the beauty of Tahoe's crystal clear waters.

Vacation pretty much anywhere else: In case you haven't gotten the theme, you're really supposed to stay close to home, folks.

Lounging on the beach: Depending on local rules, you may be able to go to the beach for a morning walk or head into the ocean to surf. But laying out a blanket and sunbathing is a no-go and definitely don't take a day trip to Santa Cruz. They don't want us there.

Public pools closed: It's going to be a warm weekend and unfortunately all public pools are closed, making it harder to find a way to cool off.

And all of those other shelter-in-place restrictions? Yes, those still apply. Don't look at me. I don't make the rules.