Clock ticks as yellow tag remains possible for Millennium Tower in San Francisco

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Friday, September 14, 2018
Clock ticks as yellow tag remains possible for Millennium Tower in SF
Millennium Tower in San Francisco has installed more scaffolds, as requested, to protect pedestrians. But is it enough? The city says it will see.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It is San Francisco's "Leaning Tower of Trouble." Millennium Tower's 18-inch list has taken backstage in recent weeks to a cracked pane of glass on the 36th floor, with all the concerns that go with it.

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"This is a distraction," said Tom Miller, an attorney representing the homeowners. This week, they received a stern letter from San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection, threatening a yellow tag if they do not take immediate actions to identify and remedy the cause of that cracked glass.

A deadline has already passed for the HOA to install protective scaffolding around the building. Two more deadlines, for inspections of glass inside all 419 units, and for the repair of a crane that would allow a better look at damage from outside the building, expire tomorrow.

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"We are looking at this longer term and consider this to be justified to protect the public," said Ron Tom, the Department of Building Inspection's Assistant Director. He admitted, today, that his department issued the letter and demands to get Millennium Tower's attention.

Late Thursday, crews hired by Millennium Tower began installing some of that protective scaffolding all around the building. Inspecting individual units and fixing that crane will take longer. Homeowners said as much in a letter to the Department of Building Inspection this afternoon.

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"Do you expect a yellow tag, tomorrow, after your letter to the department?" we asked attorney Miller.

"I don't. I don't. I expect to work with them. And if the city wants more we will do more to satisfy them by virtue of this letter."

The City will make a decision regarding that possible yellow tag on Friday.

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