Bay Area residents share what life is like 2 months into shelter-in-place -- COVID-19 Diaries

BySilvio Carrillo and Jericho Saria KGO logo
Thursday, May 28, 2020
COVID-19 Diaries: Here's what life is like 2 months into shelter-in-place
From pregnancy to high school graduation, these Bay Area residents reflect on what life is like after sheltering in place for 2 more than months.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the Bay Area begins its third month of sheltering in place, Nate and Bree Berry, prepare to welcome their baby into the world.

COVID-19 Diaries is an ABC7 Originals limited series that shares the personal stories of Bay Area people as we work together to cope with novel coronavirus and re-define what it means to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Two weeks left, two weeks left before the baby is here! Oh, it's getting real. It is getting really real," says Nate, with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

In this ever-changing pandemic climate, and in spite of the fact that Bree is a nurse, both are grappling with planning for the birth of their first child under these stressful conditions.

"I'm a planner. I like to plan things way far in advance. I get that, but I'm gonna have to slow my roll and see what happens."

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Paula Baessler and David Wolfson, a retired couple living in Oakland, are grateful they are healthy, but struggling with how to return to normal.

"Once we can begin being with people again, in a relaxed environment without worrying the next morning that we're going to think we just made a terrible mistake," says Wolfson. "Mostly, we don't come away from encounters with friends thinking that."

"Family, yes!" exclaims Paula hinting at some unexplained familial friction as David chuckles.

Recent high school graduate, Kendall Jensen, says she and her friends are reaching the point of exasperation. But, she understands that this is for the greater good.

"Those five-minute drives to like a local business and getting a coffee or something, I think is really helping my family through this whole thing. And I also think it's helping all the local businesses too."

Frank Nguyen and Kathy Duong, a married couple who own a coffee shop in San Jose, have tailored their offerings to support their community, believe there is a silver lining emerging from this pandemic.

"There's some goodness that has come from this where people have come closer together in a way, even though they're apart. They see where support comes from in the community, they see where there's collaboration and community and that kind of like, helps build that spirit too," said Nguyen.

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