Coronavirus kindness: 12-year old fashion designer makes stylish masks for healthcare workers

BURLINGAME, Calif. (KGO) -- A 12-year old on the Peninsula is using her sewing skills to help the community during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Ashlyn So designs and sews clothes that have been featured at New York Fashion Week! When the Coronavirus crisis began she channeled that passion for fashion into making stylish masks for people on the front lines. For every mask she sells and sometimes delivers from a social-distance, two more are donated to healthcare workers.

She says it's been very cool seeing how much others have wanted to pitch in, and was pleasantly surprised when a worker at a Joann Fabrics store gave her a gift one day.
"Some people have been donating fabric and they've also been helping by donating money so we can use it to buy supplies," beams Ashlyn from her Burlingame home. "It makes me feel really happy and really glad that I can help!"

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Ashlyn can make 20 masks a day and so far has made 200. Her goal is to make 500 masks and says having extra time during spring break certainly helped!

You can learn more about Ashlyn and see her designs and label Pin2gether on Instagram here.

To learn more about her masks for healthcare heroes campaign here, visit her website here.

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