6 happy stories that came out of the coronavirus crisis this week

ByAlix Martichoux KGO logo
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Coronavirus: Lake County defies odds with no positive cases
Why has Lake County, with 67,000 people, fared so much better from the novel coronavirus pandemic than only a handful of other rural regions in California? One theory: Lake County is very remote.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's been a long week. So long, it felt like a month.

As we head into this (probably rain-drenched) weekend, let's take a moment to unwind with a touch of levity, some good news and perhaps a few heartwarming stories.

Lake County defies the odds

Some way, somehow, there are no known positive cases of the novel coronavirus in Lake County, north of the Bay Area.

"We don't have a major regional transit hub," Sheriff Brian Martin told KGO reporter Wayne Freedman. "No major airport comes in here. We're not a hub for travel."

(See more in the video at the top of this story.)

Even without any known cases of COVID-19, the 67,000 residents of Lake County are playing it safe. They are under a shelter-in-place order, as is the rest of the state.

The Quarantined Bachelor

We're all stuck at home for the foreseeable future and it's honestly a bit cruel that none of "The Bachelor" franchises are airing right now. But a pair of San Francisco guys have stepped in to fill the void with their Instagram series "Quarantined Bachelor." Instead of handing out roses, the bachelor hands out rolls of toilet paper. It's hilarious. More on the off-brand bachelor's "journey" to find love (or at least a FaceTime date) here.

A big surprise, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston

A Utah nurse was left without work and in isolation after she tested positive for COVID-19. To thank Kimball Fairbanks for her work on the front lines of the fight against the virus, Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston surprised her with a huge gift: a $10,000 gift card to Postmates. That should help feed her family far past the self-quarantine. Postmates also donated gift cards to all the other nurses on her hospital floor.

She was visibly stunned when they announced - check it out here. It's a tearjerker.

The Rock shows a softer side

Getting sick of singing happy birthday to yourself while you wash your hands? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has another melody you can try - if you can keep up. The actor shared a video of him rapping his verse from the song "You're Welcome" from the movie "Moana" as he washes his daughter's hands. He says the song is the perfect length to make sure you're washing your hands for the recommended amount of time. See for yourself here.

Taylor Swift donates $3,000 to struggling fan

Jessica Buslewicz, a Connecticut college student who also writes a Taylor Swift fan blog, lost her job on campus when the coronavirus pandemic hit. She put out a call for help online, but didn't expect help to actually come through - let alone from Swift herself. The singer sent her $3,000 on April 1 and thankfully, it wasn't an April Fools' joke. Check it out here.

Lizzo feeds frontline workers

The Grammy-winning singer Lizzo wants to make sure those in the thick of it at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania are at least well fed. She sent all the emergency room staff free lunch this week. See her message for the hospital staff here.


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