Bay Area LIFE: Tone your glutes

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Simple exercises to firm, lift and tone your glutes! (KGO)

The gluteal muscles are some of the largest muscles within the human body. Neglecting to exercise the glutes can seriously weaken your lower half. Follow these tips from fitness expert Talia Mekki to sculpt, lift, and tighten your physique.

  • Have fun while toning your lower body by completing exercises that you find enjoyable. For example, walk, cycle, dance, or exercise outside in a park.

  • You don't need a gym membership to build your glutes. Exercises like lunges, squats, and shuffles can be completed anywhere, anytime!

  • When performing a lunge, remember to tuck your pelvis under, tighten your core, and squeeze your glute for maximum control and muscle gain.

  • As you complete a sumo squat, make sure that your toes are pointed outward, lengthen your neck, keep your shoulders over the hips, and squeeze your glutes when rising.

  • Resistance bands help build gluteal muscles! Place a 9-inch resistance band below your knee when performing squats and jumping jacks. Situate the band near your calves for more resistance and a better burn.
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