Coronavirus kindness: Front-line workers at San Mateo Medical Center receive 'Star Wars' themed welcome

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Health care workers at San Mateo Medical Center were greeted with a welcome fit for a Jedi on May 4 as a thank you for their heroic work caring for patients during the pandemic.

The Yoda hats, signs reading "Awesome You Are," and even a Sith-themed McGruff crime dog: Do you even need to ask what day it is?

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May 4 is celebrated by "Star Wars" fans across the galaxy every year thanks to the pun on the series's signature tag line "May the Force Be With You."

Sky7 captured the magic of the moment as medical staff changed shifts Monday Morning.

In addition to a number of "Star Wars" themed signs and freebies, firefighters and police officers from a number of agencies lined the hospital's entrance with their vehicles, delivering a thunderous round of applause as nurses and doctors changed shifts.

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Resident Nurse David Walters, coming off of a 12-hour shift, appreciated the show of support.

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"We work with the fire department and police department every night and we have a really great working relationship. We can't do our job without them so it's really nice to have them coming out here- and also the community," said Walters.

Representative Jackie Speier dressed as the congresswoman character Padme Amidala from the film series embracing the moment with a message of hope.

"This is the hospital that sees the sickest patients in the county, the hospital that's been here for the poor and the oppressed for so long. We wanted to make sure they were recognized," said Congresswoman Speier.

Recognition didn't stop with dignitaries. After hearing about the surprise on the Next Door app last night, San Mateo resident Loren Simon had to bring his kids out to share their gratitude.

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"It's going to be a really important time in their lives to remember what happened," said Simon.

"Thank you for saving lives and for staying for the late-night shifts," his 10-year-old daughter Reagan added.

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