Bay Area Taylor Swift fan's identity stolen for ticket scam

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023
Bay Area Taylor Swift fan's identity stolen for ticket scam
Taylor Swift's Eras tour is generating a lot of buzz here in the Bay Area as people are still trying to get tickets to the sold-out show.

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Taylor Swift's Eras tour won't be here until next Saturday, but the show is already generating a lot of buzz here in the Bay Area.

Many people are still trying to get tickets to the sold-out show, without getting scammed.

"I grew up with Taylor's music. 'Fearless.' 'Speak Now.' I remember everything," says Sarah Peters, who lives in Livermore.

Sarah may remember all of Taylor Swift's songs, but there is one that really stands out.

"I would have to go with 'Fearless,' just because I lived with OCD and anxiety, and that can take a lot of your self-confidence. Your bravery and courage. And so listening to the song really helps me. Be fearless! Put yourself out in the world!" says Sarah.

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And she has. She just graduated from college with a degree in psychology. She's published two books. Then came a chance to see the queen of pop's Eras tour next week at Levi's Stadium.

"I didn't think the crowds would be manageable," explains Sarah, due to her OCD and anxiety. "But I have made a lot of progress. And I think now would be."

Sarah and her mom, Tammi, have since been searching for tickets, which fit their budget. And, like a true Swiftie, as Swift fans are called, they are even designing their own outfits: images painted on jeans to represent various Swift song titles and album names.

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But after Tammi posted about the mother-daughter pant project, a fake Twitter account was set up using Sarah's identity, trying to scam people trying to buy tickets.

"The account is basically, every tweet is selling Seattle-area Eras tour," says Sarah. "I don't want anyone to associate me with anything like that. Like, 'Wait! That's the girl who scammed me!'"

"We got scammed in the worse possible way. By facial recognition. My daughter is just trying to start her life out," says Tammi.

The family is concerned that Sarah could somehow be implicated in some wrongdoing. They filed a police report.

But police tell them since whoever is operating the fake isn't using her credit cards or social security number, it's not identity theft. And since no crime has actually been committed, there isn't much they can do.

"They stole her picture. How is it not a crime to steal people's money, and post someone else's picture as the perpetrator? My head is spinning right now. How is that not a crime!" says Tammi.

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But Sarah isn't backing down. Taylor Swift has an album titled, "Reputation." Sarah is fighting to save hers.

"It is distressing. I hope it doesn't go any further because that would just be devastating, as I am trying to start my life now," says Sarah.

Editor's Note: Sara's picture was removed from the fake account before this story aired on ABC7 News. However, the fake ticket-selling account is still active selling tickets for Swift concerts in Los Angeles.


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