Thousands of Swifties wait for hours for merchandise ahead of Levi's Stadium shows

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Thursday, July 27, 2023
Thousands of Swifties wait hours for merch ahead of Bay Area shows
With the first fans camping out near the stadium since midnight, Swifties waited up to 10 hours for the official Taylor Swift merchandise truck to open Thursday. But they say it was all worth it.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Swifties waited hours for the official Taylor Swift merchandise truck to open Thursday, ahead of her Friday and Saturday concerts in Santa Clara.

"I am buying the blue crewneck," said San Jose resident Adrian Luerra. "The coveted one that everyone is after."

Thousands will attend Taylor's The Eras Tour concerts at Levi's Stadium in "Swiftie Clara."

And thousands of fans lined up for the merchandise, with the first fans camping out near the stadium since midnight.

Many went equipped with blankets, warm clothes and lawn chairs.

One Swiftie even relaxed in an air mattress.

To pass the time, some played cards while others made friendship bracelets.

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"Swifties have decided to make friendship bracelets like Taylor said in her song and trade them at the concerts," said San Jose resident Sophia Garcia.

Levi's Stadium and Santa Clara Police have made it clear that having a ticket is the only way to enjoy the show. No tailgating is allowed, or as Swifties call it, "Tay-gating" or "Taylor-gating."

Santa Clara Councilmember Kathy Watanabe disagrees with the policy and tried to get it reversed. She said it's not fair because Swift is an idol to so many and this may be the closest some get to hearing her, even if it's from afar.

"If you do feel the need to come, then come," Watanabe said. "But at the same time, use common sense."

VIDEO: Why you can't sit outside Levi's Stadium to listen to Taylor Swift without a ticket

Sorry, Swifties! If you weren't able to nab a coveted Taylor Swift ticket for her concerts at Levi's Stadium it looks like you may have to enjoy the show from home. Here's why.

"I will be tay-gating outside for both nights," Adrian Luerra said. "I mean the public street thing. I mean, you can't really kick us out of that. We'll be in the area. We'll see what we can do."

Sibling Christopher Luerra agrees.

"I mean if they're allowing people to tailgate for 49ers games and stuff like that then I don't see any problem why they wouldn't let us. It's not like we're a threat or anything."

While many are buying their merchandise Thursday, most Swifties already have their concert outfits picked out.

Friends Sophia Taylor and Mary Fanslau, of San Jose, are dressing up as two different street signs that Swift references in her music. They waited for hours for merchandise and joked that they'll be wearing it every day.

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Levi's Stadium sent this statement to ABC7 News:

"For the Taylor Swift concerts, Levi's Stadium will be implementing enhanced security measures to further protect our guests and the thousands of dedicated workers who make these events possible. Fans should expect an increased security presence at the gates and in parking lots.

Tailgating is prohibited for the Taylor Swift concerts and there will be no designated viewing areas outside of Levi's Stadium. Fans without event tickets will not be permitted to congregate in parking areas or on the streets. We will be working closely with SCPD to ensure orderly access for ticketed fans, emergency vehicles, and to provide a safe environment for fans and event staff.

Ticketed fans are encouraged to arrive early and carpool, utilize rideshare services or park in designated lots, and take public transit. Road closures on Tasman Drive will begin on Friday morning, 7/28, and will be enforced through the weekend. All fans must adhere to the clear bag policy and prohibited items list, both of which are accessible on We have a zero-tolerance policy for any guest attempting to enter Levi's Stadium with prohibited items."


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