Building a Better Bay Area: BART Week

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- BART is an integral part to building a better Bay Area. It's our biggest, most widespread, and most taken mass transit system.

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For hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents, it's the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable form of mass transportation.

When BART is healthy, more people ride, which means less people on the roads, making its success important to every commuter in the Bay Area.

But BART is not at its healthiest.

Rider satisfaction is at one of its lowest levels. After climbing to record levels just a few years ago, BART ridership has started to dip. As the Bay Area population swells, the system is struggling to modernize, expand, and maintain its reliability.

We're digging deeper into the challenges facing the transit agency, what riding on BART is really like right now, what they are doing right and what customers say they can do better.


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