CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Chevy recalls Trax SUVs due to suspension flaw, reports of scam 'smishing' texts increase, and Iceland is rated the best place to retire

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Chevy recalls Trax SUVs due to suspension flaw

Chevrolet is voluntarily recalling over 200,000 Trax SUVs due to a faulty suspension.

The recall affects 93,000 vehicles from model years 2015 through 2018, joining the 112,000 already-recalled SUVs from model years 2017 through 2019.

The carmaker says a part of the front suspension may have been "welded improperly;" in the event the suspension fails, the front wheels may turn themselves and make it difficult to steer.

Consumers may call Chevrolet's customer service at 800-222-1020 for more information. Dealers will inspect affected cars and fix them at no charge.

Smishing -- scam text messages -- incidents on the rise

"Smishing" is the latest word in the scammer's dictionary.

The word is a combination of "SMS" (as in text messaging) and "phishing," where scammers try to trick you into logging into your accounts by submitting your data through a spoofed website. Now, more and more scammers are using texts to phish their victims.

The Federal Trade Commission reported 93,000 complaints about unwanted texts in 2018, including smishing attempts, which was a 30 percent increase from 2017. According to current reports, 2019 is seeing an increasing number of fraud texts.

"Texting has replaced the phone call as the most popular consumer communication channel. So while we ignore phone calls, we are conditioned to respond to text messages-and phishers are using this to their advantage," stated Al Pascual, of Breach Clarity, an identity theft protection firm.

Iceland ranked the best country for retirees

Iceland is the best country for retiree wellbeing, according to a new report.

Natixis Investment Managers released their seventh annual Global Retirement Index, which ranked 44 countries based on retiree health, material wellbeing, finances, and quality of life. Iceland took the top slot, followed by Switzerland and Norway.

The United States fell two slots to 18th. The report cited stresses on institutions such as Social Security and Medicare, rising economic inequality, and lower life expectancy in the U.S.

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