CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Samsung's foldable smartphone to launch in September, FitBits may not work on darker skin tones, and Mazda recalls cars over headrests

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Friday, July 26, 2019
CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Samsung's foldable phone to launch, FitBits may not work on darker skin tones, and more
CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Samsung's foldable smartphone is set to launch in September after delays, FitBits may not work on darker skin tones, and Mazda recalls cars over headrests that can fail to lock into place.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Samsung Galaxy Fold to launch in September after delays

The troubled Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally ready to hit store shelves.

Samsung announced that the foldable smartphone will hit stores in September, and retail for $1,980.

As we previously reported, the Galaxy Fold experienced technical issues that caused the screen to malfunction. Tech reporters who reviewed the device said that the phone's packaging was unclear, leading them to remove a protective film on the phone's screen - which was not supposed to be removed. After the complaints, Samsung delayed the phone's release.

Samsung said that they have made design and construction improvements, including making it clear that the screen's film is not meant to be removed.

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Fitness trackers, smartwatches may not be as effective on darker skin tones

Fitness trackers and smartwatches may not work as effectively for people with darker skin tones, according to a new report.

Users have complained on online platforms about the devices struggling to give readings on people with darker skin. Stat, a health and medicine publication, found that the green light used by the gadgets to take readings is more readily absorbed by dark skin, affecting their accuracy.

In an emailed statement, Fitbit said it consistently tests the performance of its products among diverse users. According to the company, the devices' optical system produces a green light strong enough to penetrate darker skin and provide accurate heart rate readings.

Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin products use green light, which is cheaper than infrared.

Apple Watches, however, periodically use both green and red lights to generate heart rate readings.

Mazda issues recalls over flawed headrests

Mazda is recalling over 9,000 of its Mazda3 cars due to a malfunctioning headrests.

The model year 2019 Mazda3's seat covers were improperly installed, which can cause the headrests to fail to lock into place. This can increase the risk of an injury in the event of a crash.

Dealers will modify the headrest locks for free; owners should contact Mazda customer service at 800-222-5500 to see if their car is affected, and to arrange for a fix.

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