CONSUMER CATCH-UP: FCC and FEMA to test emergency alert system, finances seen as one of the most taboo topics, and Google outlines efforts to go carbon-neutral

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- FCC, FEMA to test emergency alert system this Wednesday

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are reminding everyone that they will be conducting a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System this Wednesday.

In a joint press release, the FCC and FEMA noted that the test message will be sent to radio and television stations on Wednesday, August 7, starting at 11:20 am Pacific Time. The alert will last about one minute. This alert is design to evaluate the readiness of the alert system in the absence of internet access.

The wireless system, which includes cell phones, will not be included in this test.

Finances among the most taboo topics of conversation for Americans

A new study on financial taboos reveals Americans' most feared financial secrets.

TD Ameritrade and The Harris Poll surveyed over a thousand adults, asking them questions about their financial mistakes and their ability to talk about them.

Discussing finances was the number two most-taboo topic of conversation, with religion, politics, and health issues seen as more acceptable topics. (Sex was the number one most taboo.) Americans were the least comfortable discussing their student debt, followed by childcare expenses and living paycheck to paycheck.

When asked about financial mistakes, those surveyed felt that not contributing to a 401(k) was the biggest mistake someone could make. Among Millennials, though, lacking an emergency fund was seen as the biggest blunder.

Google outlines efforts to go carbon neutral

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Google has announced its sustainability plans for its line of consumer hardware.

The "Made By Google" range of products includes Pixel smartphones, Google Home speakers and Nest thermostats. Google stated on Monday that by 2022, all of their products would include recycled materials. By 2020, Google plans for all shipments of these products to be carbon-neutral. Google said it was working with its shipping partners to reduce emissions, and will invest in "carbon offset" projects to counteract whatever emissions rema

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