CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Starbucks 'red cups' get priority boarding on Alaska Airlines, Amazon gives Prime discounts to veterans, and Amazon Ring security flaw exposed

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Alaska Airlines offering priority boarding for Starbucks customers

Get in the espresso lane with a Starbucks red cup.

From November 7 to November 10, anyone with a Starbucks signature holiday red cup will be given priority boarding on Alaska Airlines flights. Just bringing a red cup, either disposable or reusable, will allow you to board after their "group B" boarding. The cups must be from this year and holiday-themed, but they don't have to have a drink in them - so you can always just bring your reusable from home.

Amazon Prime offers service members discount for Veterans Day

Amazon is offering $40 off of their Prime subscriptions to veterans and active duty military members.

The discount is only active from November 6 until November 11, which is Veterans Day. Customers will need to verify that they are a US veteran, on Active Duty, or are in the Reserve or National Guard to qualify for the discounted Prime membership.

The discount brings the price down to $79 from its regular $119 for a year of next-day delivery, Amazon Prime video streaming, music streaming and unlimited cloud storage for photos. The offer can't be combined with any other subscription discount and current subscribers will have their membership extended by a year from the date it would have otherwise expired.

Security researchers find flaw in Amazon Ring doorbells that can expose user data

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a flaw in Amazon's Ring video doorbells that could expose users' Wi-Fi login information.

The doorbell was reportedly sending user names and passwords for the Wi-Fi networks to which they are connected in cleartext, according to security researchers at Bitdefender. This allows for nearby hackers to potentially gain access to the network and conduct surveillance and potentially launch attacks on the internet-connected devices. These attacks can only take place during the set up process, but hackers can also send fake messages to users to trick them into setting up the doorbell again.

Amazon fixed the vulnerability back in September, but this security flaw was only just disclosed today.

"Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices seriously. We rolled out an automatic security update addressing the issue, and it's since been patched," said Amazon Ring a statement.

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