CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Teslas reportedly experiencing unintentional acceleration issue, beauty company recalls 'unicorn' face masks, and American Airlines ranked the worst U.S. airline

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tesla facing complaints of unintentional acceleration, resulting in accidents and injuries

Tesla is facing more acceleration problem complaints.

The complaints say Tesla cars accelerated unintentionally, causing more than 100 accidents and 52 injuries. All three Tesla models, the Model S, Model X and the Model 3 are involved.

Now, many unintended acceleration incidents often happen to be the driver's fault, by accidently hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes. Most of the accidents happen while parking the car or pulling out a space.

The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration is looking into the complaints. Tesla did not immediately comment.

Beauty company recalls "unicorn" face mask after customer complaints of irritation, redness

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that beauty company "Yes To, Inc." is recalling its "Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask" after complaints from customers about skin irritation.

Stories and photos of children and adults with red, irritated skin popped up on social media after they purportedly used the mask, a thin sheet of paper soaked in skincare serum. Kaitlyn Hintergardt, an Esthiology Educator at Cinta Aveda Institute in Downtown San Jose, noted that the ingredients could have caused a reaction.

"This is formulated with grapefruit as well as lactic acid," she said. "Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that also is very stimulating to the skin. So, combined, this can definitely be brightening, it can help to promote more quicken cell turnover, it can give you that really radiant and glowing skin that a lot of us want. But with misuse or introducing it to a skin that might not be a good candidate for the product, definitely can lead to some issues like some consumers are reporting."

Consumers are encouraged to return the product to the retailer where they purchased it if it has not been used. If it has been used, customers can contact Yest To at or by phone at 888-929-3786, Monday - Friday between 9am - 3pm PST. No other Yes To products are included in this recall.

American Airlines ranked worst U.S. airline by Wall Street Journal

American Airlines has been called the worst airline in America by The Wall Street Journal in their annual ranking of major U.S. airlines.

WSJ released the list of the top 9 U.S. airlines, with American at the bottom of the list due to canceled flights, delays, mishandled baggage, and involuntary bumping. Delta Airlines was rated the best, with the most in on-time arrivals and fewest cancelled flights. American averaged 159 cancelations a day, compared to Delta's 36 cancelations a day in 2019.

American also bumped 15,000 passengers across its flights, while Delta bumped only nine. Also on the list, Alaska Airlines ranked best in fewest extreme delays, and Southwest ranked best in fewest tarmac delays. Frontier ranked worst for on-time arrivals, and Spirit was the worst with customer complaints.

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