'We can never lose hope': Sen. Kamala Harris talks to ABC7 after walking out in protest during Brett Kavanaugh hearing

WASHINGTON (KGO) -- ABC7 News was on Capitol Hill as California Senator Kamala Harris walked out in protest during Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh gained the support of a key Republican senator Friday, virtually ensuring his nomination will advance to the full Senate a day after he adamantly denied the sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford in high school. The Bay Area professor testified she was "100 percent" he was guilty.

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As soon as the committee opened, Democrats offered a motion to subpoena Mark Judge, a high school friend of Kavanaugh who Ford testified was a witness to the alleged assault. Judge has said he does not recall the incident.

Several Democrats, including Harris, walked out of the hearing in protest after Republicans refused to subpoena the judge.

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ABC7 News reporter Dion Lim spoke to Harris. The California Democrat says supporters of Blasey Ford should not feel defeated.

"Hope can't be lost. We can never lose hope. We certainly can never lose the fight," said Harris. "My message to my friends and family of San Francisco is let's just stay vocal, let's stay active, let all of our voices be heard. That's part of the beauty of what happened. Dr. Ford was not going to be suppressed or silenced. She had the courage to let her voice be heard. Let her be an inspiration to the rest of us."

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