QUICK TIP: Negotiating your rent

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Friday, August 2, 2019
QUICK TIP: Negotiating your rent
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Homebuyers feel free to haggle -- but what about renters? Here's why you should negotiate your rent with your landlord.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Do you know you can negotiate how much money you pay in rent? Michael Finney has another 7 On Your Side Quick Tip for you!

Most home buyers haggle over price, most renters do not. They look up a place on Craigslist and figure that's just how much it cost but that isn't true. If you simply ask this one question you can save a small fortune.

Ask the landlord "Is this your best price?" Often it isn't and they'll give you a better deal. Now if that doesn't work, offer to sign a longer than usual lease. Try for a year rather than six months, or a year and a half rather than just a year.

Also offer to pay three months in advance. It's a lot of money, but if you have the cash in savings many landlords will make you a deal to get their hands on that money. So remember, as with any deal: the asking price is just the starting point.

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