QUICK TIP: Which hotels have the best rewards?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Do you know the best hotel reward programs? Michael Finney has a 7 On Your Side Quick Tip for you!

The financial website Wallethub just crunched all the number looking for where you get the best deal on hotel rewards.

And what they found is that it wasn't the biggest names, instead it was Wyndham, Radisson and Best Western.

Wallethub says that Wyndham offers up to $13.46 in rewards for every $100 you spend.

Now all of the programs on average from all of the hotels earn you about ten dollars per one hundred spent, and that's an excellent deal.

Smaller brands, like the ones I just mentioned, often come through with a better deal because they're trying to compete with Hyatt and Hilton and the other brands that you've already used and you know.

So how do you take this information and use it for the best purpose for you?

Well, Wallethub says, if you're a business traveler, the best thing you can do is confine your hotels to just one or two brands.

And the rest of us, we should simply use reward points as a tie breaker. If you come down to two hotels that have very similar offers that work for you, pick the one that has the best points offer as well.

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