QUICK TIP: Why you shouldn't fall in love with a new home

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Homeowners, do you know the difference between falling in love and finding an investment? Michael Finney has a new 7 on Your Side Housing Quick Tip for you!

When searching for a home, many buyers act as if they're on a dating site, looking for the love of their life when they should actually be acting like they're on a Wall Street website looking for a deal.

Developers and professional flippers know how to tug at your heart strings. They use the latest in counter tops, HEP flooring and flowers out in the garden.

But when you go to sell your house, all of those are going to be old. They're not going to be current. And your love and your money won't be returned.

So when shopping for a house, don't fall in love... look for a good investment.

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